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written and illustrated by Leo Leonni.

One of my all-time favorite children’s books is Swimmy. Mr. Leonni was a genius in his ability to intertwine a simple story with a message to inspire the reader. His words are poetry and his illustrations are beautiful, colorful, imaginative and serene. The essence of this book displayed the true meaning of friendship, the ability to share and theportrayal of unity to achieve a goal. I can close my eyes, turn the pages in my head and smile. A true gem.

The Rainbow Fish

written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister.

Another iconic children’s book about a unique fish whose vanity prevented friendships with other fish until he realized that his inner beauty was his generosity to share his glimmery scales with other fish. He then earned the respect of himself and others. There is an emphasis on being kind to others as well as making better choices when presented with inner conflict.

Walter the Baker

written and illustrated by Eric Carle.

Every Eric Carle book is a favorite of mine. Although the book entitled Walter the Baker captures my vote for helping explain the essence of conflict and resolution with my children. Walter is a baker who was challenged to create a unique dessert for the king and queen of his village. Walter was able to overcome obstacles to succeed in baking a tasty treat. Wisdom, creativity and persistence to succeed are paramount messages in this book.

The Snowy Day

written and illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats.

The simplicity of a snowfall in winter and the sheer innocence of fun as a child plays with the snow is magical. Mr. Keats was able to describe how the main character, a boy named Peter, explored the newly fallen snow. The reader can hear and feel the snow crunch as the boy walks through the snow. Peter shivers in the cold snow and feels joy as he plays games in the snow. The illustrations are beautiful and inviting. I always reach for The Snowy Day during the first snowstorm of each year. My children still make snow angels in the fresh, crisp snow as the main character did in this book.

My Friend Rabbit

written and illustrated by Eric Rohmann.

I must have read My Friend Rabbit a hundred times to my children. This beauty contains very few words but does contain bold and imaginative illustrations that inspire children to actively participate by using their own words to describe each illustration in the storyline.  This book is fun to read. The main characters, the mouse and the rabbit, are adventurous, inquisitive and love to get into trouble together. They are mischievous friends. How they resolve their dilemma will delight the mind of a child. A must to read.



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