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If you have a dream... make it happen.
I have always enjoyed creative writing especially during my childhood years but as time passed, my focus shifted to medical school studies, then marriage and finally raising a family.
It wasn’t until recently that I was able to revisit my inner passion for writing.  My ideas started to flow easily from my heart.  The enjoyment I had experienced  in creative writing was back.
Creating, publishing and marketing The Magical Journey was both fun and challenging.  Since I had no formal training in this area I learned by doing.  I love to learn and the opportunity to learn something new was exciting.  Reading books about how to write a children’s book as well as studying key web sites were instrumental in building the fundamental knowledge of how I wrote my children’s book.  During the publishing process I met so many wonderful people who
taught me pearls of wisdom about the mechanics of creating a book.  Ultimately,  I feel that I have grown as a person simply as a result of the path I have chosen.
So, if you have a dream... don’t wish upon a star.  Find a way and make it happen.

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