The Magical Journey Book by Lisa Roth Klein

The Author | Message to Parents & Educators

The Author | Message to Parents & Educators

Dear parents and educators:

I wrote The Magical Journey as a personal experience to teach, explain and explore fundamental ethics and morals that I felt instrumental in the growth and maturation of my children. There are few, if any, children’s books available to the public containing this magnitude of depth. The opportunity to read this book and encourage discussions with children to promote inner awareness is my ultimate goal.

There are different levels of comprehension that are unique to each child at every age level. Young children enjoy the concept of the little sprout who needs help to grow just as they need help to grow. Older children learn the meaning of unique character traits such as truth and loyalty and how these concepts relate to their life. Finally, parents, grandparents and other educators appreciate the magical aspects of their own journey of life.

I hope that reading The Magical Journey to your child or a classroom of eager children will inspire memorable discussions. I encourage you to write your experiences on the blog in my website. It would be wonderful to share your thoughts with others.



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