The Magical Journey Book by Lisa Roth Klein

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Why I Wrote The Magical Journey

When my youngest son Mark was in kindergarten, his teacher suggested during Back-to-School night that parents should not bring in sweet treats for birthday celebrations. Initially, I had an idea to read my son’s favorite book to his class. On a whim, I decided to write an original story to be read to his class.

In the past decade I have read many, many books to my children. The books I liked most were those with an underlying meaning. I wanted to write a book which would let me discuss important concepts with them. A book that would proudly sit on a shelf in their library. A book that would be timeless; a book to be read at different stages of their lives. As their mother, I wanted to teach them what was important to me. I wanted to explore and discuss major life lessons with them with emphasis on character traits, ethics and morals. I wanted to help them
grow and mature into strong adults with good souls. This was the essence that inspired me to write The Magical Journey.

After two years of inspiration, perseverance and a deep commitment to finish this project... The Magical Journey was born.  A very welcome spark of imagination grew into a phenomenal children’s book.



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